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I guess when we name something, the smart thing to do would be use a word in the context of it's original meaning.



Dictionary definition of SASS: impudence, cheek.




the more common modern use of the word:


Diva, power princess.


Now being a creative,  the way I've always worked is to open myself up to the Creative Flow...to surrender to the magic that comes through me from some sort of higher place.


So, 4 years ago, when I realized what I was teaching could no longer be called burlesque, the name "Bring The SASS" was whispered in my ear, by the wind....over and over.

It wasn't until the classes developed more that I realised the essence of what I was teaching, the important values of Bring The SASS were:



Good one Universe!

Not only do I teach an epically magical class (or as it has become now...a practice and way of BEING),

that's hard to describe because it's so layered and unique....

But now I have to REDEFINE A WORD??

Haha...I  see your challenge, and I rise to it. 



I think there's no better place than THIS BLOG to discuss all things SASS!!


I hope you will enjoy the insights and musings I will share as they come through!


Jess xx

P.S. Can I just say....barely longer than an Instagram post and I've just realized I'm basically incapable of writing without emojis

*This is where I would normally insert one of those open-mouthed kittens with no eyeballs and it's paws on it's face.

I'm looking forward to sharing my foray into writing with you all, sans kittens!